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Joni and Erik are full service. We live in VA so getting things done can be challenging. They really help us get things done with our properties. They are full service which is what we need. Plus they both get things done asap. They are very likable as well. Can’t say anything better about the Cahn team. We recommend them to everyone. What else can you say about the best?


– Picnic Rock Investments LLC (28-Jul-2017)

So last fall we were in Prescott checking out the area. We happened to stop at a home that was for sale to pick up a flyer. Joni Cahn was driving by and introduced herself. We really liked her and ended up going out that afternoon with both her and her husband and fellow broker Erik, to check out properties. We weren’t ready at the time to buy, but we gave her our criteria and stayed in touch with her until we were ready. She has been top notch to work with since day one. Getting a lead doesn’t always pan out but we were serious and she always kept us informed about what was going on with the market and the very specific area we were interested in.We also like the fact that Erik had construction experience as he provided a lot of great feedback when we visited homes. When homes popped up in the area we liked, and we were very specific mind you, Joni contacted us with info on each of them. She really got to know what we wanted during this process. When the home we ended up buying came on the market, I think she knew right away it would be perfect for us. We really trusted her as we wouldn’t be able to see the home until we flew out from Chicago after we had placed an offer and it was accepted. Joni and Erik helped us handle the inspection, and always provided great feedback. When we eventually did fly out 2 weeks after we had placed our offer, they spent 3 hours with us touring every part of the home. I couldn’t have asked for more attention to detail and assistance from them both. Our closing process was very smooth and uneventful, which is good. We look forward to Prescott being our new home in the near future. We highly recommend both Joni and Erik Cahn as brokers to anyone looking for a great Prescott buying experience.


– Steven Barnes & Anna Lenko (2-Jun-2017)

They went above and beyond


– John and Marilyn McNeill (14-Jul-2017)

I stated earlier in the survey that Erik & Joni Cahn are the best. They were always Professional, Friendly, Helpful and had tremendous knowledge of the area. They were always in constant contact and available for any questions that we had. I would recommend Joni & Erik Cahn to All of My Family and Friends.


– Kasey & Richard Vaughan Prescott, AZ (15-Apr-2017)

Very well worth the effort to work with this team. very professional and hard working


– Richard and Kasey Vaughan (2-Mar-2017)

Joni and Erik are totally dedicated/ knowledgeable real estate professionals who went above and and beyond their scope on so many occasion before during and after the purchase.


– Wayne & Linda (7-Oct-2016)

We started with Joni and Erik with our sale. It was an amazingly rough situation (twice) and they powered through every speedbump and roadblock put up in front of us with the most grace and professionalism I have ever seen in the industry (and I work with ALOT of Realtors). These two are the definition of “The Dream Team”. Not only are they knowledgeable, professional, and driven, they are two of the most caring, sincere, down to earth people I have ever had the priviledge of working with. When it came to our purchase, they were SO patient with me (I can be difficult) but were absolutely not afraid to reel me in and bring me back to ground during the process. They took the time to listen to what I wanted and needed, and sometimes what I was irrational and neurotic about, and applied it with grace, to the search for the perfect home for us. We am now in a home that feels like home from day 1, and have Joni and Erik to thank. They are so much more than just your Realtors, they are truly a rare couple that anyone would be so lucky to have in their corner.

– Susan G. (18-Oct-2017)

Where to begin. Joni and Erik are an amazing team. I’ve bought several houses in my life and have never had a team work so hard for me. I cannot say enough good things about them. We had a difficult process trying to buy a cabin and they worked their tails off to make it happen. One of the best things I liked about Joni and Erik was there consistent communication through the entire process. I highly recommend them for anybody looking to purchase real estate.


– Tony and Rebecca L. (9-Oct-2017)

Contact with Joni Cahn by phone from listing on Trulia, she was on vacation but took time to take my call and questions. I asked about the property tax rate and she got back to me with the exact formula within an hour or so. Her quick and cheery response and her willingness to talk while on vacation was impressive, I based our decision to continue with the Cahns and Bloomtree on those initial experiences.


– Lawrence and Kathleen P (15-Sep-2017)

“We previously met Joni at another property that we were considering in Timberridge. We were so ‘back and forth’ with our decisions….build, sell lots, buy new, buy used….etc. Joni was extremely patient with us as we worked our way through the process. She continually kept in touch but without pressure so that we could make the decisions on our timeline.

Everything was very smooth…from the initial negotiation on price, listing info to the final closing of the sale. We appreciated the work Joni did so much we bought a house from her a few months later.”


– Jim and Deb ( June 2016)

“Joni and Erik are a great team. They listen and work very hard to get to know you to assist in the selection process. Both very knowledgeable about the market and neighborhoods.” 


– Marc and Sharon (July 2016)

“Erik and Joni were a pleasure to work with! They were always considerate of our wishes, and at times they would point out things that we had not thought of. They always treated every issue with promptness, even the minor ones. They are true advocates to their clients, and we would recommend them to anyone!”


– Gabe and Jessica (Sept. 2016)
“Erik and Joni are professionals. When we had questions, they found answers. When something needed to get done, they followed through. As first time home buyers, their consistency and reliability provided us with confidence.”
– Greg and Ashley (Aug 2016)

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